Kelly’s chic under $100: sweaters

I’m so excited to announce something new and fun for the blog! Meet Kelly, my Editorial Assistant. Kelly moved to New York this past Fall. She’s been helping me out for the past four months and has the greatest eye… it’s dangerous as she is always finding new things that I want to buy! As a recent college graduate Kelly is on a more modest budget, so we thought it would be fun to have her do a weekly round-up of gorgeous, under $100 items. Besides helping with The Stripe, Kelly also works a 9-to-5 (she runs social for the a-m-a-z-i-n-g Pat McGrath)… but she also has her own pretty awesome blog, which you should probably check out!

Hi guys, Kelly here! As a new New Yorker (I’ve only lived here for 6 months!) and as recent college prom dresses uk at, I’m constantly hunting for cool things to add to my home or wardrobe that will fit within my modest budget – without compromising on style. On that note, here is Kelly’s Chic Under $100. Every Tuesday I’ll be showing you to some of my favorite affordable picks that have still got that cool factor you’d normally have to splurge on.

This week: cozy sweaters. I’m always looking for something nice to curl up in, but good sweaters can get expensive… fast. I wanted to fill my closet with fun textures, stripes, and silhouettes this season, so I pulled together a few great picks for you. I recently picked up this fringe piece from ASOS (at a killer sale price) and absolutely love it. Next in my virtual shopping cart: the classic-gone-trendy ribbed turtleneck. Enjoy!


What color technique choose to change my hair?

It is difficult to decide because the issue of color remains a swamp for most women. To help you clear your doubts, we have asked several experts to tell us what each one of the techniques to color your hair. You just have to choose which you stay.

Roberto Alegre, Lorena Morlote salon colorist advises to always consider the texture of the hair It is not the same as a straight or curly hair, or thinner than thick hair. “Dyes, in any of its applications behave differently depending on the surface.” And Alegre also ensures that optimum results are achieved by mixing various staining techniques simultaneously. Therefore it is very important to consult a professional all these issues.

How many types of locks are there?
Reflections and highlights. These two works are very similar in terms of application. Both cases can be made with the method of the cap and crochet hook, or by direct application of the product on the hair and exposure in foil. Whatever the method chosen, the key is the product that the mixing. A very important factor to consider is the exposure time, while the reflexes may be for half an hour and are unaffected, the locks must be continuously monitored. Another difference is that the locks are spread over almost the entire head and reflexes become more diffuse.

Balayage. The stylist uses a brush and freehand, will apply the dye or bleach in the strands. The biggest difference with the Californian highlights, is that this technique does not need for your application hair wrap in foil, but as its name suggests, is made ‘sweeping’ the strands, focusing more on the area of ​​the tips, for a more natural look and uniform gradation.

Brazilian model dies after undergoing cosmetic treatment

Raquel Santos, who was a finalist in a popular beauty pageant in Brazil, died of cardiac arrest after undergoing a facelift, in a country where coexists a cult of the body and lack of medical supervision treatments.

Santos, 28, died Monday after undergoing two treatments to correct facial wrinkles, in the city of Niteroi, in the state of

Santos, mother of two, was a finalist last contest “Musa of Brazil”, which every year chooses a voluptuous Brazilian woman advertising image as the South American country.

The causes of death of Santos are still being determined, but her husband said his death is most likely linked to the use of substances to enhance his image as Potenay, a stimulant used in horses to develop the leg muscles , Santos used regularly.

“I was fascinated by the image, the carnival, the gym. I always wanted more. I thought, pretty or ugly, it was already perfect. But she always wanted more”, said her husband, Gilberto Azevedo, during the wake.

Brazil leads the world ranking in the number of cosmetic surgeries and in a society obsessed with aesthetics, each year there are several tragic cases as a result of aggressive treatments to enhance the image beyond the medical control.

In 2015, the event presenter Andressa Urach shocked Brazil after the girl, 27, was on the verge of losing his life for deployed the equivalent of 500 milliliters of hydrogel in each leg in order to increase the volume of their buttocks.

Surgeons and specialists claim that has no control over the acquisition and application of components potentially harmful to health, such as PMMA methacrylate, polyacrylamide or mead, among others.

Meanwhile, many people, especially women fall into the deception of relying on treatments up to 10 times cheaper than those made in specialized clinics.

In 2013, 1.5 million in Brazil practiced surgery for aesthetic purposes, with the surgeries in the most popular breast, while nonsurgical procedures totaled nearly 650,000.

Here campaign aims to overcome the stigma of dementia

After learning that she had dementia, Phyllis Fehr did something that might shock you — she decided to take up archery. Fehr is part of a growing number of Canadians who are challenging the stigma of dementia, proving that life isn’t over after you get the dreaded diagnosis.

The Alzheimer Society is hoping to shake up perceptions about dementia with its new campaign #StillHere. Up to 15 per cent of Canadians over 65 are living with dementia, yet the stigma of the disease prevents many from getting the help they need.

The Alzheimer Society released a new video with the hope of helping people better understand the real experiences of people with dementia rather than making assumptions.

“They treat me differently. They act like I don’t understand. When people find out I have Alzheimer’s, it’s as if I’m suddenly not there,” says the video’s narrator. “I’m still here.”

Fehr admits in an interview with CBC that she was depressed upon hearing her diagnosis. “Things go through your head,” she explained. “You kind of go, ‘Oh, what is my life going to be like? What do I have left with my life?’ And I would be the first person to admit, you kind of get a little depressed.”

But Fehr decided to be proactive about her health, taking up archery in an attempt to keep her mind sharp. “I figured the more that I can do, the more I concentrate, the better things are going to be. This is something that I can do and do well.”

Often people living with dementia find that others no longer view them the same way, and they lose valuable social support systems.

“People with dementia face discrimination and social rejection. Often they are ignored. People will address their care partner even when the person with dementia is standing right there. They may lose friends because of misconceptions about abilities,” Pia Kontos, a senior scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, told CBC.

According to Nanos Research, almost half (47 per cent) of Canadians believe it’s not possible to live well with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Women are more concerned about the effects of dementia than men are, with 64 per cent of females worrying that they can no longer live well with the disease.

“It’s disempowering, this stigma,” Kontos said. “It’s demeaning, and when they internalize that stigma, they edit themselves into silence for fear of being judged, so they themselves are disengaging, and that has really detrimental consequences for quality of life and for their well-being.”

Hopefully this new campaign will go viral, helping people with dementia get the understanding and respect they deserve.

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“Outlander” the new “Game of Thrones”?

The games of the clone. Game of Thrones is dark fantasy that Downton Abbey is period drama, an archetypal series that reinvented the codes of its kind. A show often imitated, never duplicated? 20 Minutes you to discover each month until the dissemination of the sixth season of the adventures of the heroes of Westeros and Essos on HBO in April 2016, a claimant to the throne of the most pirated series of 2015. broadcast on the American channel Starz and this unprecedented day in France, the US-British series Outlander was announced as THE competitor to Game of Thrones. Verdict

A fantasy series based on a bestseller licked
As Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, Outlander is based on an unfinished saga and global prom dresses uk at, thistle and tartan of the US Diana Gabaldon. This series of eight volumes, published in the United States since 1991, has sold 25 million copies worldwide, 5 million less than the books of George RR Martin.

The saga has been adapted for the small screen by Ronald D. Moore, former pillar of the television series Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica Franchise creator. As the creators of Game of Thrones, Ronald D. Moore has focused on quality production, lavish decor, careful staging and impeccable cast.

Outlander follows the adventures of Claire, an English nurse propelled, after touching the stone of a megalith, Scotland of his time, 1945, in the Highlands until the year 1743 thanks, among the clan wars and the Jacobite rebellion against the English crown. While she is only trying to find her husband and her time, she made the acquaintance of the dashing and passionate warrior Highland, Jamie Fraser …

Conspiracy, sex and romance
Political intrigues, conspiracies, betrayals, violence, romance and sex, Outlander has all the components of Game of Thrones. The time travel, Celtic legends and mysterious Druidic rituals bring others here fantastic touch.

The first season of Outlander was well received by critics. The New Yorker particularly welcomed the fact that the story is told from a female point of view, rare thing on television. The Guardian believes that “if you like beautiful scenery, changing allegiances, and court intrigues [Game of Thrones], but you would prefer a pace a little slower and sex scenes filmed in a slightly more pretentious, here is the series for you. “One snag, however. If the romance between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) Scottish warrior and his brother (Sam Heughan, wearing the kilt and red hair unkempt as a person!) Is carried by the powerful chemistry between the two actors, the frieze Unfortunately, the novel quickly rose water.

Outlander, called the Golden Globes in three categories (Best Series, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor), now counts as Game of Thrones fans by the millions wait to see season 2, and a multitude of products. Released March end on Amazon Prime Instant Video UK, the series is now the most watched in 2015 on Amazon.

Outlander with time travel to Doctor Who and its bloody battles to the Highlander and its steamy sex sequences in 50 Shades of Grey could be a serious competitor to Game of Thrones. Too bad she did not succeed in overcoming his sentimentality to the Harlequin

Must also pay a fine of local media reported

A court in Tel Aviv sentenced to 14 months in prison for an Israeli hacker who last year gained access to the computers of the popular American singer Madonna and steal new compositions and then sell them on the network.

The condemned, Adi Lederman, who during pleaded guilty to all charges against him, he must also pay a fine of local media

Lederman also hacked into the computers of other lesser-known artists, but was arrested earlier this year following a complaint lodged by the actress through the FBI, which led to an international search.

The investigation led to the US intelligence to cooperate with the computer crimes unit of the Israeli police fraud, which ultimately stopped the suspect on 22 January.

The judge who heard the case, Tzahi Uziel, the Magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv, also ordered the destruction of all content and files from computers that were seized from the hacker.

Denouncing the case, Madonna said: “invasion of my life, creatively, professionally and personally, remains a deeply damaging and devastating experience, it should also be for all.”

NRJ12 stop the spread of “Lab Damidot”

It smells of fir for Le Labo Damidot. And Christmas is not to blame. According puremédias, the show led by the former M6 on NRJ12 maroufleuse since September disappears from the grid of the DTT channel programs.

The site specializes in the media advance as three previously recorded unreleased numbers were sent to oblivion. If Damidot The Lab has enabled the channel to progress hearing on purchasing managers’ side (front, “household” was said) of less than 50 years, it remains insufficient in the eyes of management.

Deprogramming series
This cancellation is just another episode of mishaps that NRJ12 meeting since September. Academy 9, The Ieuvs do their show and the face of France were successively deprogrammed, symptoms of failure of the editorial repositioning of the chain, which aspired to broaden its audience by keeping a pinch of reality. In this regard, The Mag, which also disappeared from the screens, could, according puremédias, beginning back in 2016 in a revised version. And what better named Angels to the rescue to prevent the 2015-2016 season becomes a living hell?

But that isn’t holding Giudice back from her quest for reconciliation.

“Teresa, for her part, has definitely released everything and forgiven everyone and turned over a new leaf,” the source said. “She has had a lot of time to think about life and think about the mistakes she has made. She’s taking responsibility for her actions. She admitted her faults and did her time. She’s not trying to point fingers and she’s not trying to act like a victim.

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KUWTKs drops huge bomb about Kris Jenner & Lamar Odom’s relationship

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner is a controlling woman. Typically, her kids just put up with it, or, in the case of Kim Kardashian, dish it right back. But during last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the usually forgiving Khloé Kardashian decided that she’d had enough.

From trying to get Scott Disick to play ball to establishing contact with Lamar Odom, Jenner seems intent on either prom dresses uk her children back with their former significant others or, at least, ensuring that they remain in each other’s lives. Everybody else agrees that this is a terrible idea, but Jenner is not one to be deterred by a little negative feedback from her kids.

Kris Jenner’s relationship meddling gets her in big trouble on KUWTK

A few episodes back, Jenner focused her energy on getting Disick more involved with his children, but this was an abject failure. With Disick still insisting on being an absentee parent, and Kourtney Kardashian sick of putting up with his crap, Jenner was forced to turn to another relationship in dire need of a little tender loving care: Khlo Kardashian and Lamar Odom.

Despite having briefly dated French Montana, Kardashian had yet to finalize her divorce from Odom. In Jenner’s opinion, this meant that there was still a chance. Jenner’s timing could not have been worse because she decided to interfere just as Kardashian finally resolved to cut Odom out of her life. A very frustrated Kardashian admitted, “[Odom] can’t commit to making us better, so I have to now step away and do what’s best for me.”

Kardashian chose to get her mind off Odom by taking a trip with Kendall Jenner and Corey Gamble. This initially made her feel better, but when she returned home, she discovered that her mom had given Odom her new phone number. As expected, this outraged Kardashian, who ultimately decided that, in addition to desperately needing to get away from Odom, she needed a break from her own mother!

Kris Jenner’s relationship meddling gets her in big trouble on KUWTK

Fans of Keeping Up With the Kardashians were nearly as annoyed with Jenner as Khlo was upon learning of her meddling. Many viewers have grown accustomed to Jenner getting overly involved in her kids’ love lives, but they still found this latest development disturbing.

A few fans, however, thought that the Kardashian sisters were way too hard on Jenner and incredibly disrespectful.

Gigi Hadid poses completely nude with her model friends

Hadid, Smalls and Aldridge got naked together for their newest photo shoot with Stuart Weitzman.

The sexy models all posed for the famed photographer in nothing but some matching heels. Even their hair and makeup looked flawlessly natural.

And while you may think that photo shoot may have made for some awkward conversation, it turns out the girls are all really close friends, so stripping down wasn’t so hard.

“We are all friends, me, Gigi and Joan. I just love our friendship; our camaraderie,” Aldridge said of the shoot, according to E! News. “We joke around and goof around. We can be girls and have fun and do our dream job together. It’s so nice to have girls that… support each other, lift each other up, make each other better and bring each other up… I love that.”

Of course, the girls weren’t in their birthday suits for the entire shoot. They also clothed up in some gorgeous ensembles to show off a different round of shoes.

Weitzman named all of the girls as the new faces for the brand’s 2016 fashion campaign.

Gisele Bündchen was the previous face for the company. Or should we say the previous bare butt, since she showed off her lean figure in a revealing outfit paired with some leggy boots over the summer.

It’s honestly hard to focus on the shoes with so many gorgeous ladies showing off their figures.

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Shailene Woodley’s forsaking her young fans for dark HBO show

Actress Shailene Woodley owes her career to young adult audiences. Her big break came with ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager, and she’s exploded on the big screen in movies like Divergent, Insurgent and The Fault in Our Stars. But as the star grows up, her film and television choices are maturing with her.

This reality became clear on Saturday, when it was announced that Woodley will be joining Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon in the short prom dresses at adaptation of Big Little Lies. The limited series is based on Liane Moriarty’s novel about a friendship between three mothers whose children attend kindergarten together. Woodley’s participation in the series was confirmed by Kidman during an interview at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit.

Variety describes Big Little Lies as a “darkly comic drama,” and with themes of bullying, intimate partner violence and murder, it is a major departure from the teen melodrama and adventure stories that have built much of Woodley’s career. Though some fans might be worried that the actress is leaving her base behind, fear not: She is still slated to star in Allegiant, the third film in The Divergent Series, which is scheduled to hit theaters next March.

However, it’s important to note that Big Little Lies is not a one-off choice for Woodley. In fact, it appears to be part of a larger career shift for her; next spring, she will costar opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Oliver Stone’s film Snowden, playing Lindsay Mills, Edward Snowden’s girlfriend. Woodley appears to be cultivating her career in a similar vein as Jennifer Lawrence’s, with a healthy balance of teen romances and big-budget franchises alongside character dramas and dark, adult stories.

Woodley keeps her social media presence to a minimum, so she has yet to share her own news and updates about her involvement in Big Little Lies. Curious fans should keep their eyes on her Twitter profile, however — production on the series starts in January, so she might be sharing more at that time. And while a specific premiere date has yet to be set, viewers should expect to see Big Little Lies showing up on HBO later in 2016.