The games of the clone. Game of Thrones is dark fantasy that Downton Abbey is period drama, an archetypal series that reinvented the codes of its kind. A show often imitated, never duplicated? 20 Minutes you to discover each month until the dissemination of the sixth season of the adventures of the heroes of Westeros and Essos on HBO in April 2016, a claimant to the throne of the most pirated series of 2015. broadcast on the American channel Starz and this unprecedented day in France, the US-British series Outlander was announced as THE competitor to Game of Thrones. Verdict

A fantasy series based on a bestseller licked
As Game of Thrones by George RR Martin, Outlander is based on an unfinished saga and global prom dresses uk at, thistle and tartan of the US Diana Gabaldon. This series of eight volumes, published in the United States since 1991, has sold 25 million copies worldwide, 5 million less than the books of George RR Martin.

The saga has been adapted for the small screen by Ronald D. Moore, former pillar of the television series Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica Franchise creator. As the creators of Game of Thrones, Ronald D. Moore has focused on quality production, lavish decor, careful staging and impeccable cast.

Outlander follows the adventures of Claire, an English nurse propelled, after touching the stone of a megalith, Scotland of his time, 1945, in the Highlands until the year 1743 thanks, among the clan wars and the Jacobite rebellion against the English crown. While she is only trying to find her husband and her time, she made the acquaintance of the dashing and passionate warrior Highland, Jamie Fraser …

Conspiracy, sex and romance
Political intrigues, conspiracies, betrayals, violence, romance and sex, Outlander has all the components of Game of Thrones. The time travel, Celtic legends and mysterious Druidic rituals bring others here fantastic touch.

The first season of Outlander was well received by critics. The New Yorker particularly welcomed the fact that the story is told from a female point of view, rare thing on television. The Guardian believes that “if you like beautiful scenery, changing allegiances, and court intrigues [Game of Thrones], but you would prefer a pace a little slower and sex scenes filmed in a slightly more pretentious, here is the series for you. “One snag, however. If the romance between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) Scottish warrior and his brother (Sam Heughan, wearing the kilt and red hair unkempt as a person!) Is carried by the powerful chemistry between the two actors, the frieze Unfortunately, the novel quickly rose water.

Outlander, called the Golden Globes in three categories (Best Series, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor), now counts as Game of Thrones fans by the millions wait to see season 2, and a multitude of products. Released March end on Amazon Prime Instant Video UK, the series is now the most watched in 2015 on Amazon.

Outlander with time travel to Doctor Who and its bloody battles to the Highlander and its steamy sex sequences in 50 Shades of Grey could be a serious competitor to Game of Thrones. Too bad she did not succeed in overcoming his sentimentality to the Harlequin