It smells of fir for Le Labo Damidot. And Christmas is not to blame. According puremédias, the show led by the former M6 on NRJ12 maroufleuse since September disappears from the grid of the DTT channel programs.

The site specializes in the media advance as three previously recorded unreleased numbers were sent to oblivion. If Damidot The Lab has enabled the channel to progress hearing on purchasing managers’ side (front, “household” was said) of less than 50 years, it remains insufficient in the eyes of management.

Deprogramming series
This cancellation is just another episode of mishaps that NRJ12 meeting since September. Academy 9, The Ieuvs do their show and the face of France were successively deprogrammed, symptoms of failure of the editorial repositioning of the chain, which aspired to broaden its audience by keeping a pinch of reality. In this regard, The Mag, which also disappeared from the screens, could, according puremédias, beginning back in 2016 in a revised version. And what better named Angels to the rescue to prevent the 2015-2016 season becomes a living hell?

But that isn’t holding Giudice back from her quest for reconciliation.

“Teresa, for her part, has definitely released everything and forgiven everyone and turned over a new leaf,” the source said. “She has had a lot of time to think about life and think about the mistakes she has made. She’s taking responsibility for her actions. She admitted her faults and did her time. She’s not trying to point fingers and she’s not trying to act like a victim.

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