A court in Tel Aviv sentenced to 14 months in prison for an Israeli hacker who last year gained access to the computers of the popular American singer Madonna and steal new compositions and then sell them on the network.

The condemned, Adi Lederman, who during pleaded guilty to all charges against him, he must also pay a fine of local media http://www.msdress.co.uk/.

Lederman also hacked into the computers of other lesser-known artists, but was arrested earlier this year following a complaint lodged by the actress through the FBI, which led to an international search.

The investigation led to the US intelligence to cooperate with the computer crimes unit of the Israeli police fraud, which ultimately stopped the suspect on 22 January.

The judge who heard the case, Tzahi Uziel, the Magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv, also ordered the destruction of all content and files from computers that were seized from the hacker.

Denouncing the case, Madonna said: “invasion of my life, creatively, professionally and personally, remains a deeply damaging and devastating experience, it should also be for all.”