Raquel Santos, who was a finalist in a popular beauty pageant in Brazil, died of cardiac arrest after undergoing a facelift, in a country where coexists a cult of the body and lack of medical supervision treatments.

Santos, 28, died Monday after undergoing two treatments to correct facial wrinkles, in the city of Niteroi, in the state of http://www.msdress.co.uk/.

Santos, mother of two, was a finalist last contest “Musa of Brazil”, which every year chooses a voluptuous Brazilian woman advertising image as the South American country.

The causes of death of Santos are still being determined, but her husband said his death is most likely linked to the use of substances to enhance his image as Potenay, a stimulant used in horses to develop the leg muscles , Santos used regularly.

“I was fascinated by the image, the carnival, the gym. I always wanted more. I thought, pretty or ugly, it was already perfect. But she always wanted more”, said her husband, Gilberto Azevedo, during the wake.

Brazil leads the world ranking in the number of cosmetic surgeries and in a society obsessed with aesthetics, each year there are several tragic cases as a result of aggressive treatments to enhance the image beyond the medical control.

In 2015, the event presenter Andressa Urach shocked Brazil after the girl, 27, was on the verge of losing his life for deployed the equivalent of 500 milliliters of hydrogel in each leg in order to increase the volume of their buttocks.

Surgeons and specialists claim that has no control over the acquisition and application of components potentially harmful to health, such as PMMA methacrylate, polyacrylamide or mead, among others.

Meanwhile, many people, especially women fall into the deception of relying on treatments up to 10 times cheaper than those made in specialized clinics.

In 2013, 1.5 million in Brazil practiced surgery for aesthetic purposes, with the surgeries in the most popular breast, while nonsurgical procedures totaled nearly 650,000.