I meet a year’s blog! Do you celebrate together?

It seems like yesterday when, between nervous and excited, I sat at my computer typing the first few sentences of my blog ‘Patry Fit Style’ in Mujerhoy.com. December 2 that I shared with you a lot of memories of my life (very many and very personal!).

I did it with great enthusiasm and with the intention of you to know who I am, what my short prom dresses at msdress.co.uk of life and how I came to be who I am.

The post of my ‘boot’ in Mujerhoy.com called ‘Everything is starting’ and admit that I dropped occasional crybaby to write, because I tried to translate it, with pictures, words, videos and ‘special phrases’ my thinking and also some of the values ​​or vital laws that have learned over a lifetime dedicated to sport: comradeship, respect, responsibility, humility, never give up and never stop dreaming.

Here you have a video that summarizes those years:

I will also leave link ‘post’ in case you want to read: ‘EVERYTHING IS STARTED’

Today, one year after show you my desire to share my knowledge and experience, after a lifetime devoted to the sport (specifically the fitness and acrobatic dance), I especially want to thank ye have followed and supported reading this blog and sharing your experiences and questions on social networks.

These months I have shared with you my life and my feelings through weekly post of ‘Patry Fit Style’ not part of any one year, of course not!

You have lived with me the most wonderful experience of my life: motherhood. And if in the first months of blog I wanted to help you fully enjoy the sport and get in shape through various sports, pregnancy and the impending arrival of my little world Lis led me to use my skills to adapt to the new reality: being a mother.

I took time to help moms to not leave their bodies during this stage of life as they knew assimilate the changes (diet, exercise, beauty routines, care …) in the best way possible. I hope I haberos accompanied on the road as well as what you have done with your soul and your love!

Añito But this is only the beginning. I want to give you more than me, propose new themes and experiences so that you get in shape and for that I love to listen to you at a special event I am preparing with Mujerhoy.com for next January.

It will be a unique event, which will celebrate in the Hotel Room Mate Oscar Madrid, and where there will be lots of surprises ‘beauty’ and ‘gastro’ and which will share my secrets to be fit: my experience as a gymnast, my training in the day and my tricks to recover after childbirth.

I also hear your experiences and talking about what I can help you get in shape! It would be great pudieseis come all, but only be 5 of you, so there will be selected through a contest. In the next post I’ll tell you in more detail the bases, and the date as part of this hangout.

Again thank you all for this wonderful year. And of course thanks to the team behind to Alex for following me everywhere with the camera, Nacho also for shooting practice, Manuel de los Galanes your photos are art, Cruz Bridge for letting me always nice to me César Esquivel wanted for their advice and training, Urban Fitness for letting its facilities and every one of you who have somehow been part of this blog.

And finally, THANKS TO THE SUPER DE MUJERHOY.COM great team, Carlos, Malena, Rachel, Anna, Laura …. for receiving me with such love and for your help always. THANK YOU!


How I learned to positively channel my negative thoughts

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us! In a few short weeks, a new year will be born. Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t it seem like the years are getting shorter or that time is moving faster?

Anyway… this is the time of year that I like to do my yearly assessment. It’s my way of checking what goals I have achieved.

So, I’m flipping through my calendar and, atop each page, I see my handwritten note: Be productive — don’t waste today! I determined from my assessment that I had wasted many days. I did have a few extenuating circumstances that prevented me from achieving some of my goals. However, the fact of the matter was I believed I had more wasted days then productive ones.

Feeling defeated, I began to smell my stinking thinking and the stench was nauseating. My thoughts were talking to me, saying that once again I was a failure. I heard me saying that I should have, but that I will never be able to. Those negative self-talks kept playing over and over in my head. In an instant, I had become the judge and jury — and the verdict was guilty of failing to prosper.

Whoa, Angie! Stop and listen to what you are saying to yourself!

If you don’t turn the switch towards positive thinking, you are going to activate the “negative monster.” The negative monster is all-powerful, and if allowed to roam freely, it will gobble you up. Negative thinking starts with an activating event or trigger. The trigger leads to you having a thought about the event, which produces a feeling, then an emotion, which prompts your behavior.

What I have learned about me is I still have a negative mindset. It reared its ugly head while I was assessing my goals. It was necessary for me to slay this monster before it had taken a big bite. I refused to feed it with self-pity or self-defeating behaviors. I changed my perspective as I took another look at my calendar.

This time I saw that I had, in fact, accomplished many goals. In the past, I was apprehensive to attend networking events. I was overweight and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. This year, I made a point to attend business launch parties, networking events, book signings and meet-ups. I increased my visibility on social media, became a blogger for BlogHer and SheKnows Experts. I was elected to a seat on the board of education, wrote a grant and it was funded. I have been hired as a consultant, and I have a new location for my public speaking business!

Just writing about my accomplishments makes me smile and tap dance around my living room. I feel awesome about me! Why? Look what I have accomplished! I did it!

You see, this is what positive thinking does for the spirit. It builds your confidence, raises your self-esteem and releases your creative energies. Sometimes you have to be your own positive cheerleader, brag about you and shout it from the rooftops. This is what I have done, and I say, “Go Team Angie!”

How did I decide not to feed my negative monster? First, I had to acknowledge the monster’s existence. You can’t change what you fail to recognize. I started keeping a journal to write down my triggers, my thoughts and the feelings associated with it. Journaling can be great because it increases your self-awareness.

Realize that it begins and ends with you building a positive fortress that does not allow negativity. There will be those times that negative triggers, such as toxic people, invade your home, office or even while you’re shopping. You have to establish boundaries and not allow them to steal your joy. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who are living on purpose, have connected with their passion, have a spirit of gratitude and believe in giving back to their community. When the negative monster attacks, you can turn to them, and they can support and encourage you. Just as a party pooper can rain on your parade, positive people bring sunshine on a cloudy day.

Create a plan to take care of you. It should include healthy eating, exercise and healthy relationships. Remember you have a choice to live with a positive or negative mindset. I choose positivity, and to maintain it, I wear my headsets when I’m out. I enjoy my music — it brings me peace and pleasure and it keeps the negative monsters away. If I forget my headset, I quietly hum a favorite tune. You have to find your little space here on this earth and make it your private heaven. You then can choose who enters your pearly gates.

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Pollution also affects your skin: discover how to protect

The pollution not only affects our health, also has negative consequences for our skin. Pores become clogged and having less oxygen, the skin becomes less elastic, dehydrated rapidly loses brightness and may suffer irritations, allergies and ultimately premature aging. We reveal the keys to protect your skin from harmful fumes.

1-Clean. It is most important for skin care. Upon arriving home, the face with a suitable product tailored to each type of skin must be cleaned. every day accumulated impurities were removed and the skin can breathe properly. Cleaning or removing make-up must be carried out daily morning and evening. Besides occasionally we can go to a beauty center to realize ourselves a more intense cleaning.

2-Protect. Outsiders damage our skin without realizing it. It is important to apply a cream before leaving home, but then you go to makeup. And it is essential that the product you choose includes filters UVA / UVB. Even in winter, protect yourself from the sun.

3-Nourish. Lack of oxygen and the gaseous pollutants cause skin vitamin deficiencies and therefore lack of brightness. Creams rich in vitamins A, C and E are needed to care for her properly. At night it’s time to use more nourishing and moisturizing creams, accompanied by serum or facial oils.

4-purify. Sometimes it is necessary to purify the skin for deep cleaning. Home must fulfill ourselves a weekly exfoliation (up to two in case of oily) and also use masks once or twice a week. Besides beauty centers we can become more comprehensive cleanings and treatments when we need them.

5-Restore. Occasionally, it is necessary to give our skin treatments with trace elements, vitamins and minerals to bring you proper nutrition and mitigate the signs of aging. In Wahanda have over 250 centers offering facial treatments ranging from cleanings to more complex treatments to strengthen the natural barrier of our skin.

In the gallery above you you can see a selection of products to help you care for and protect your skin from pollution.

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Solidays: The Jain singer launches into the arena

“The public can not guess what kind of music I like that,” says the artist on the phone 20 minutes. Folk, reggae, pop, world … Jain wants navigate between styles without being labeled, take the stage at which it is rubbed in the early parts of the singer Seal or concerts in Parisian bars that ran for three years, after studying art for a surprise. Paradoxical for one that short prom dresses at msdress.co.uk “shy”? “When I started music in high school, I did not dare talk about me,” she confesses again.

Music, Bourlingue
The Toulouse wrote his first lyrics in English to 16 years while residing in Congo – Brazzaville, where after living in Pau, then in Dubai three years, his family emigrates because of professional obligations of his father . At home, listening to “great music” as Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, the South African singer Miriam Makeba, the legendary performer of Pata Pata, or the Malian artists Salif Keita and Oumou Sangaré.

She spent four years in this oil-rich country, the second stage of his adolescence traveler, which led to Abu Dhabi where she spends her tray before joining a Parisian art prep. “We lived in Pointe-Noire, a city in the south, it’s a cliché, but people were very happy, very lively, very present music. This made me want to do; I was a teenager, uprooted and I needed to express myself, “says Jain.

Fondue “black music”
There, he met the Flash beatmaker enables him to discover the world of music production. “He had a small studio where I was recording my models. “These land on his Myspace that uncovered Lily Allen or Orelsan among others. A Maxime Nucci, also known by his stage name Yodelice the mark. Artistic shot lightning. They start working on her mini-album, when she returns to Paris during the summer holidays and on Come where Jain, whose mother is Malagasy half, said in English that “his life is in Africa.” The clip has been directed by the duo Greg and Lio.

She puts her little black dress and white rimmed Jeanne becomes Jain. The singer of 23 years has just released his first mini-album Hope, a collection of pop songs in English edged electro, which she made the cover. She will probably focus on her first concert. The austerity of this garment, essential-part-in-the-closet-of-all-fashionista-who-respect, like it, as if it passed a uniform.

My style: weather the storm, Vicky Martin Berrocal

My fashion to the first days of cold bet is the layer. Versatile and comfortable, fits any look.

Cold starts and, for me, also the months of the year in which a woman is truly elegant. There is nothing I like more than the clothes are otoñales.Un example layers, one more season, are succeeding in our closet.

You can take them with your more casual looks but also formal, because look good with everything. There is no excuse: the diversity of fabrics, colors and patterns they have become one of the essential parts of any wardrobe. And besides, they are very comfortable!

I show this, Violet by Mango is one of my favorites. Can you resist?

Hair Evolution
So the center is called Ariel and Ariel Medeiro Dieguez. His treatments are the ones who have left my hair with a gloss ad.

To read in one sitting.
‘As if there were no tomorrow’ (Ed. The Sphere Books, 2015), Nieves Herrero, on the passion of Ava Gardner and Luis Miguel Dominguín has maddened me … From the first page, I could not leave her.

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RHONJ’s Jim Marchese furious over Bravo’s decision about Teresa Giudice

Jim Marchese and his wife, Amber, are livid that the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been delayed until Teresa Giudice gets out of prison, and their reason actually makes sense, if you’re not into making money.

Jim told Radar Online that he and Amber are furious over Andy Cohen’s decision to push back filming to accommodate Giudice’s schedule, saying the move rewards Joe and Teresa for their criminal behavior.

“It is BS that the entire cast, especially my wife, had their filming put on hold because Tre and Joe committed several felonies and [Teresa is] sitting in jail,” Jim said.

He is also ticked about the three-episode special featuring Teresa and her family specifically.

“Viewers were duped into thinking they were watching RHONJ,” he said. “If Andy [Cohen] had so much confidence in Tre and Joe to pull ratings, he could have called it ‘Teresa Checks In’… period!

“Andy is clearly endorsing Tre’s behavior as it was focused on Tre and the sympathetic issues surrounding her kids,” he claimed. “For example they were [shown] crying missing their mom and over-dramatized other hardships…

“Not one scene was dedicated to the people she stole from, how their lives have been hurt or the children of families victimized by their crimes.”

Jim even went so far as to say that the focus on Teresa is making Amber question whether or not she wants to continue participating on the show.

“Every time they focus on Tre’s incarceration, they hurt the show and its reputation,” he said. “Now, my wife has to decide if she wants her good name on a show this dark.

“The delays in filming and lousy ratings are just two more examples of how Tre’s criminal activity hurt families.”

Cohen has not commented on Jim’s accusations — he is probably pretty busy dealing with the fallout of Vivica Fox’s comments about 50 Cent on Watch What Happens Live over the weekend — but Jim seems to be missing the big picture. It seems obvious that this is a calculated move to ensure the highest ratings, and that should just translate to more money for everyone involved in the show.

While Jim does have a point about the people adversely affected by Joe and Teresa’s financial misdeeds, his rant sounds more like sour grapes to us.

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Adele sings “Hello” world premiere

She had to make a comeback on stage Saturday night to mark the upcoming release of 25, his first album in five years. Finally, Adele has illuminated the ceremony of the NRJ Music Awards, but with a slight delay. British singer is indeed coming to Cannes on Friday to save on stage the first live version of her single Hello, already has nearly 280 million views on Youtube.

“There were three conditions for his coming, says the Parisian Jacques Grimal, the general coordinator of the ceremony. Hello save her come on Friday, she sings and her musicians play live fully and that is silent until the announcement of his comeback. “According to the newspaper, the star, Jet arrived in Cannes with his team and his dog, but his companion and his son, has spent six hours, recording her performance in front of 300 lucky spectators. This does not prevent her from being heartily cheered again Saturday night.

“Alain has remained my great friend, as a brother. We are very close to one another, but we have never been in love, “said Brigitte Bardot last year the newspaper Le Parisien, confirming a confidence Alain Delon few years earlier in the columns of World show.

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Meghan King Edmonds calls Brooks Ayers a ‘con artist’ over cancer claims

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Meghan King Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson really don’t see eye to eye, but Edmonds also has some strong opinions about Gunvalson’s ex, Brooks Ayers.

Speaking to E! News’ Melanie Bromley, Edmonds revealed she still doesn’t believe Ayers has cancer and referred to him as a short prom dresses at msdress.co.uk.

“To accuse someone of faking cancer is a huge accusation that you should never take lightly, but I felt that way and that’s why I said it and that’s what started it,” she told E! News. “To see the other woman now say ‘yah, you’re right. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make sense. This is a lie,’ it feels good because I’m not crazy. I have seen evidence and the evidence points to a lie.”

She’s right; that is an awful accusation, especially since Ayers himself has told E! News that he does actually have cancer (if he is lying, the reason he would choose to do so is not clear), and reportedly even showed them bills for treatment.

However, Edmonds is not the only person who thinks Ayers’ health problems don’t add up, and Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge have also shared similar sentiments.

“I do feel vindicated,” she confessed, knowing that she’s not alone. “It feels really good to see that I’m not the only one who noticed inconsistencies and lies throughout the season.”

She continued, “I would totally apologize if he has cancer, but he doesn’t so why would I apologize?”

Adele unseating Taylor Swift with ‘Hello’

The new single from British singer ‘Adele’ had over 27 million hits on its opening day, which became the most watched in Vevo during its first 24 hours.

This figure surpassed the mark that had the American Taylor Swift with ‘Bad Blood’, clip got over 20 million views in its first msdress.co.uk short prom dresses.’Hello ‘is the first single from the album’ 25 ‘Adele after four years then he took off to the great success of ’21’, which catapulted to fame with hits like ‘Rolling in the deep’, ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Set Fire To The Rain’.

From October 22 to be released until the end of this note already it had nearly 90 million views on social network YouTube.Cantantes as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Hillary Duff have expressed their admiration for the young English in social networks announcing that they really liked her new song and expect to hear more of it.

Producer Adele: I’m still in shock by the instant success of ‘Hello’

Into the studio to write a potential success for Adele sounds challenging enough. Imagine also having to keep it a secret for a year.

That was the challenge faced Greg Kurstin after producing and co-writing “Hello” last year.

“I will not lie. It was not easy to keep that information stored for so long … But I did,” said songwriter and producer in an interview.

“It was not easy,” he said. “One like you want to scream, run through the streets and shouting at strangers just did.”

“Hello” came out on Friday and topped the iTunes singles charts in 85 countries. The music video broke Vevo record as the most watched in a day, with 27.7 million views.

“Hello” is the first single from Adele since British singer launched in 2011 the sensational “21”, their second album, which sold over 11 million copies in the United States and won the Grammy for Album of the Year, among other awards .

“I’m still in shock, honestly,” said Kurstin on the instant success of “Hello”.

Kurstin, who has worked with Pink, Lily Allen, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, Adele and said he would work together to “21” but the plan did not materialize. In his new album, “25”, which comes out on November 20, also shares credit on the themes “Water Under the Bridge” and “Million Years Ago”.

He recalled that pressed himself before he met the great singer as this is the album that would follow a “21”, but that changed once set foot in the studio.

Leah Remini makes unexpected confession about Tom Cruise and Scientology

Leah Remini has been vocal about her experience with the Church of Scientology in the past, but she has now revealed that her decision to leave the church in 2013 had something to do with Tom Cruise.

Remini was part of the church for 30 years, and during a sneak peek of her interview with ABC News’ 20/20, she confessed to feeling isolated from the rest of the world.

“The decision to leave is you are giving up everything you have ever known and everything you have worked for your whole life,” she explained. “I feel that people need to understand this has been my whole life and I want them to understand how it happens.

“And so as time goes on, you start to lose touch with the real world. The mindset becomes us against them,” she added.

She then spoke out about one of the world’s most famous Scientologists, Tom Cruise.

“Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself. You are evil,” she told show’s host, Dan Harris. Harris then asked, “If you knew Tom Cruise was watching this, what would you say to him?”

The promotional clip ends there, but Remini is expected to reveal a lot more details about her time in the church during the full interview, which is set to air Friday night at 10/9c on ABC.

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