It seems like yesterday when, between nervous and excited, I sat at my computer typing the first few sentences of my blog ‘Patry Fit Style’ in December 2 that I shared with you a lot of memories of my life (very many and very personal!).

I did it with great enthusiasm and with the intention of you to know who I am, what my short prom dresses at of life and how I came to be who I am.

The post of my ‘boot’ in called ‘Everything is starting’ and admit that I dropped occasional crybaby to write, because I tried to translate it, with pictures, words, videos and ‘special phrases’ my thinking and also some of the values ​​or vital laws that have learned over a lifetime dedicated to sport: comradeship, respect, responsibility, humility, never give up and never stop dreaming.

Here you have a video that summarizes those years:

I will also leave link ‘post’ in case you want to read: ‘EVERYTHING IS STARTED’

Today, one year after show you my desire to share my knowledge and experience, after a lifetime devoted to the sport (specifically the fitness and acrobatic dance), I especially want to thank ye have followed and supported reading this blog and sharing your experiences and questions on social networks.

These months I have shared with you my life and my feelings through weekly post of ‘Patry Fit Style’ not part of any one year, of course not!

You have lived with me the most wonderful experience of my life: motherhood. And if in the first months of blog I wanted to help you fully enjoy the sport and get in shape through various sports, pregnancy and the impending arrival of my little world Lis led me to use my skills to adapt to the new reality: being a mother.

I took time to help moms to not leave their bodies during this stage of life as they knew assimilate the changes (diet, exercise, beauty routines, care …) in the best way possible. I hope I haberos accompanied on the road as well as what you have done with your soul and your love!

Añito But this is only the beginning. I want to give you more than me, propose new themes and experiences so that you get in shape and for that I love to listen to you at a special event I am preparing with for next January.

It will be a unique event, which will celebrate in the Hotel Room Mate Oscar Madrid, and where there will be lots of surprises ‘beauty’ and ‘gastro’ and which will share my secrets to be fit: my experience as a gymnast, my training in the day and my tricks to recover after childbirth.

I also hear your experiences and talking about what I can help you get in shape! It would be great pudieseis come all, but only be 5 of you, so there will be selected through a contest. In the next post I’ll tell you in more detail the bases, and the date as part of this hangout.

Again thank you all for this wonderful year. And of course thanks to the team behind to Alex for following me everywhere with the camera, Nacho also for shooting practice, Manuel de los Galanes your photos are art, Cruz Bridge for letting me always nice to me César Esquivel wanted for their advice and training, Urban Fitness for letting its facilities and every one of you who have somehow been part of this blog.

And finally, THANKS TO THE SUPER DE MUJERHOY.COM great team, Carlos, Malena, Rachel, Anna, Laura …. for receiving me with such love and for your help always. THANK YOU!