The pollution not only affects our health, also has negative consequences for our skin. Pores become clogged and having less oxygen, the skin becomes less elastic, dehydrated rapidly loses brightness and may suffer irritations, allergies and ultimately premature aging. We reveal the keys to protect your skin from harmful fumes.

1-Clean. It is most important for skin care. Upon arriving home, the face with a suitable product tailored to each type of skin must be cleaned. every day accumulated impurities were removed and the skin can breathe properly. Cleaning or removing make-up must be carried out daily morning and evening. Besides occasionally we can go to a beauty center to realize ourselves a more intense cleaning.

2-Protect. Outsiders damage our skin without realizing it. It is important to apply a cream before leaving home, but then you go to makeup. And it is essential that the product you choose includes filters UVA / UVB. Even in winter, protect yourself from the sun.

3-Nourish. Lack of oxygen and the gaseous pollutants cause skin vitamin deficiencies and therefore lack of brightness. Creams rich in vitamins A, C and E are needed to care for her properly. At night it’s time to use more nourishing and moisturizing creams, accompanied by serum or facial oils.

4-purify. Sometimes it is necessary to purify the skin for deep cleaning. Home must fulfill ourselves a weekly exfoliation (up to two in case of oily) and also use masks once or twice a week. Besides beauty centers we can become more comprehensive cleanings and treatments when we need them.

5-Restore. Occasionally, it is necessary to give our skin treatments with trace elements, vitamins and minerals to bring you proper nutrition and mitigate the signs of aging. In Wahanda have over 250 centers offering facial treatments ranging from cleanings to more complex treatments to strengthen the natural barrier of our skin.

In the gallery above you you can see a selection of products to help you care for and protect your skin from pollution.

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