My fashion to the first days of cold bet is the layer. Versatile and comfortable, fits any look.

Cold starts and, for me, also the months of the year in which a woman is truly elegant. There is nothing I like more than the clothes are otoñales.Un example layers, one more season, are succeeding in our closet.

You can take them with your more casual looks but also formal, because look good with everything. There is no excuse: the diversity of fabrics, colors and patterns they have become one of the essential parts of any wardrobe. And besides, they are very comfortable!

I show this, Violet by Mango is one of my favorites. Can you resist?

Hair Evolution
So the center is called Ariel and Ariel Medeiro Dieguez. His treatments are the ones who have left my hair with a gloss ad.

To read in one sitting.
‘As if there were no tomorrow’ (Ed. The Sphere Books, 2015), Nieves Herrero, on the passion of Ava Gardner and Luis Miguel Dominguín has maddened me … From the first page, I could not leave her.

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