Jessica Chastain premieres home! And not just any house, but the spooky mansion of The Scarlet summit, the new Guillermo del Toro. Their personal fears (overcome and present), machismo in the film industry and more speaks in this exclusive interview. And we focus on Fan Bingbing, the female Jackie Chan sweeping Hollywood.

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As they do not call me for nothing. I’d love to, but I do not mind much because what I like is to sing live. I made a lot of films from young, but my career is music. Children, especially. With the biggest cost me more because they take it to heart. Children wear it all better. Then I got to choose between children and adults, and I opted for the little ones.

Yes, there was no choice, but rather thankful I am, because I have two wonderful and gorgeous children. I have hidden the so nobody sees them, because I want to be free and if you then want to be famous, they are. I’ve been famous since young and want them to have the freedom that I never had. Of that I am very proud. You can go down the street without anyone recognizing them.