I have a friend who says that for her the year, said the year begins in September. That January is a thing of the calendar and the msdress.co.uk short prom dresses, but the important thing begins in the early going, ie now.

I says to me, that in the Puerta del Sol give it all every December 31, with all of you, and in my speech up there, cold and all peladita mona, loose that best wishes for the new year, convinced that we all want, at daybreak, the world changes. Illusion we lack the ‘españolitos’ as Mecano said on the issue that both humming tonight, good music lover like I am.

Well, says Sophia, it’s called my friend, that makes personal and professional purposes earlier this month, because it gives you time to organize it in summer, and some not without reason. Because in the stillness of a summer siesta, when time stops, or that little bit of gazing while listening to the sound of the waves, cicadas or a festival of people in the background, as priorities change for a moment in our head.

And then there is the option of starting from a more coherent order with what we want naturally, because. Try to keep that moment and that reflection. What emerged? What do you say? Do not let him escape. That can be the beginning of what we now do.

Of course, on TV and in politics, as in schools and in many other areas, the new season has just been presented. Those who have vacationed again with a different vital energy and renewed camouflaged resignation and others. What Does this back to school? Will we keep those thoughts that flowed from the quiet mind? How many things do not live!

Well that I just wanted to talk. In TVE we bring a new motto this season: “Live”. I liked it for what it means. Live every moment, every second, everything you do, put forward, put life, put your best as you did these days. Especially because many times we seek the time to start and it seems that never comes. For this is the time. This and no other. Live the life you want. Choose to live. A luxury! We promise to do our part.