Heloise Letissier, aka Christine and the Queens, has unveiled his new song. No harm is done Title [No harm is done in French], it benefits from the collaboration of rapper Tunji Ige. Site Fader, the Nantes singer says she called after hearing his Ige For Us when she was on tour: “Although we have different lives, we write both the feeling of being alone and the fact to observe things from this angle strange-when one feels oddly out of context. ”

No Harm is done is included in the US version of the album, to be released in the US and Canada on October 16. The singer will also give a dozen concerts from mid-October with passages programmed in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto and New York in particular.

Christine and the Queens, noted for its electro-pop in English and French melodies, her male costumes and choreography worked with four dancers on stage, will by then be a mini-tour of Zenith in France, particularly by Paris on 25 September.

Personal stories and greater creative freedom
Another major factor: some sensitive transidentity series creators want to treat this theme. Jill Soloway, the creator of Transparent, was inspired by the story of his father and Lana Wachowski, who co-directed Matrix and Sense 8 with his brother, has recently changed sex. New platforms like Amazon or Netflix possible to offer these fictions. They target a niche audience and do not mind taking risks.

Beyond the question of their visibility, transgender characters entered the small are they realistic screen recently, away from prejudices? “Initially, homosexuals were represented as perverts or obsessed. There was then a depathologization. Transgender do not undergo it, “says Karine Espineira.

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