After the controversy sparked by a comment related to Latinos and immigrants Donald Trump, host Kelly Osbourne left to defend.

News and Osbourne was one of the topics most discussed on social networks after participating in the “The View”.

Speaking about Trump’s statements, said “If you miss all Latinos in this country, then who will clean your bathroom, Donald Trump?”, Which immediately earned him criticism.

A few hours ago Kelly posted on his Facebook account a message to clarify the situation:

“I want you ALWAYS start by saying that I take responsibility for my actions. In this particular case I take responsibility for my poor choice of words, but will not apologize for being racist, because I’m not,” he wrote.

He said he will not give poor excuses and said that the driver Rosie Perez not let her finish her point.

“I learned a valuable lesson. I hope this may open a conversation about immigration and the Latino community as a whole. By the way I clean my fucking bathrooms.”

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