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And this week …
Matilde Solis: the real drama of the Duke of Huéscar ex-wife and mother of the heir to the title.
Following the letter published on Facebook has uncovered the box of thunder and Javier Criado psychiatrist has been accused of abusing their patients. Desgranamos whole story.

Baroness Thyssen Borja or the twins. Tita can not have everything.
Carmen Cervera enjoy a holiday in Ibiza with Manolo Segura and his young daughters, the twins Carmen and Sabina. Since 2008 it has not been photographed with Borja girls Why?

David Bustamante and Paula Echevarria: Remain a happy family.
The Bustamante-Echevarria family started their holiday in Ibiza. The actress, singer and daughter, Daniella, offer us, as every year, endearing, funny and romantic on the beaches of the island pitiusa images.

Ivonne Reyes: “Either we live together or every man for himself”
Although her relationship status is not defined in these moments, the actress and is clear about what he wants. After delaying again and again her marriage to Jesus Arranz, who has spent three years and now it has taken a while, Ivonne is determined to separate their lives definitively whether the desired link does not occur.
• “It’s too early to know what will happen between us.”
• “Working on the film has helped me in therapy.”

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