The actors Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, which will Medea in Merida, and Juan Diego have been awarded the 2015 Gold Medal of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Spain, by decision of its board of directors, chaired by Antonio Resines It has informed the institution short prom dresses at

“I am overwhelmed and surprised. I thought they were wrong because I’m disconnected from the film,” said the actress at the news. “Comforts much feel that the family likes me and appreciates cinema,” added the star of “Rowing to the wind”, “The Bird of Happiness” and “A Walk in the Clouds”.

Sanchez-Gijon (Rome, 1968) confessed “happy” to get this medal with Juan Diego, who was his “godfather”.

“At 16, when I started in the ‘Secondary Education’ series speak much with me, gave me advice, gave me books of Stanislavski,” he recalled quoted by the Academy.

Italian daughter, Sanchez-Gijon film debuted at the hand of Jose Maria I invaded in “Romanza Final” and two years later, in 1988, his career took off with “Get off the Moor”.

About to embody the Medea of ​​Seneca in the Mérida theater festival, which was the first woman to chair the Film Academy was shot in English, French and Italian and in his films include titles such as “The Chambermaid on the Titanic “” Jealousy, “” The Machinist “,” The Whore and the Whale “or” Maktub “.

Founder of the theater company Strion, which was “The Regent” Mendez Leite also has a long history in the tables and television, where one of his last works was the “Velvet” series.

Juan Diego (Seville, 1942), with five decades of career behind him, thanked the award “his stars and the affection of colleagues”.

“In these situations there are always people who think they deserve more than one, but this is a good thing, you never know what you touched you,” said the winner of three Goya awards.

Juan Diego has worked with directors such as Luis Garcia Berlanga (“Paris-Timbuktu”), Carlos Saura (“The Dark Night” and “The Seventh Day”), José Luis Garci (“You’re the one”), Bigas Luna ( “Jamon Jamon”), Imanol Uribe (“The astonished King”) or Manuel Gutierrez Aragon (“Life is waiting for you”).

But if a paper was crossed borders with the Master Ivan of “The Holy Innocents”, the film adaptation of Mario Camus novel of Miguel Delibes.

His last appearance on film was “Night Falls in India” and on television was one of “Los hombres de Paco”.