“In Love” and “injury” are two words that could define Myriam on stage. On the one hand live love intensely through her husband and son, and that feeling is reflected in the melodies that advocate the happiness she sings pretty well, but the drama is your thing and lives very strongly those tunes spite, tear, those who reproach the infidel or uncaring man. So this duality the audience can see the August 8 when it arrives in concert Galerias Theater promptly at 21:00, as the Monterrey promises to leave all hoarse, because it prepares an unforgettable repertoire.

In conversation for this publishing house, the singer promises a tour of those topics that launched to fame where there unreleased songs as the hymn “To the Limit” that placed her as one of the exponents of the ballad young and those letters he was given media fame when he was at “The Academy” as “He lied to me” and “Moving” songs that turned into fashion in the early 2000 when the musical reality shows were very popular in the Hispanic television. “It’s a show of emotion after emotion, I’m taking a night of ups and downs, I’m taking you to the limit.”

Surprises and returns

The surprises will abound during his meeting with Guadalajara. Ensures that lurks the chance to sing with mariachi during the concert, as it was already done in previous years, as Myriam since it began his career 13 years ago-Ya, has sailed in various genres: ballads, pop, pop-rock and Mexican regional. In addition, he will also be performing the songs from his latest album “Queen, slave or woman,” a tribute to women who admired as Amanda Miguel, Yuri, Sweet, Daniela Romo and Lupita D’Alessio disk.

“I really wanted to come and introduce live to Guadalajara, this town is a land that has adopted me and this is not something I’m going and I say everywhere, I say it because it is from the heart and has been, Guadalajara always has welcomed me with open arms and now I have the great opportunity to sing this August 8 in the Gallery Theatre “.

Myriam explains that whenever charging out tour with his family. Then, before each concert you can not miss the blessing of his mother, Dona Cuquita, which has always been closely career since has been its main engine to achieve their dreams since I was little when I had in mind to become a singer .

“Wherever you may not need the blessing of my mother, almost always personally, but but look for ways to give it to me, besides I always dedicate to God everything I do, every one of my presentations or outputs of my Disk I always commend him and because of that everything always goes wonderfully well. And before the public with the first song I’m always a bag of nerves, but that is also something that has to be present for the day you are not to do anything, the nerve is emotion, feelings and music are that is. I love what I do, I love to sing. ”

Be free hurts

Myriam has several years as a freelance artist, does not have the support of a television as a few years ago, said that work has cost open doors to show their talent, he says it has been hard way, to be free hurts, but the support of his family and his fans have been very supportive to not give up and continue to seek opportunities to develop their creativity.

Although his relationship with one of the directors of TV Azteca Roberto Romagnoli has been fragmented, it continues to recognize that this company was a major step in his career and was a springboard to be known, however, considers it’s time to sail with its flag, that of Myriam who just wants to sing and be heard without any strings attached.

“The forces coming from love that one has for what he does, I love my career and I enjoy it very much, but my engine is the people, my fan clubs who support me and take me by the hand to go forward, because while they are no matter what else. Yes you suddenly get tired of fighting the current, which should not be so, I know it’s an endurance race, but it should be something that flows. ”

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