After a disastrous launch last week, Masterchef failed to take off Thursday night on short prom dresses. With 2.6 million viewers and 14.7% audience share, the culinary competition, which nevertheless has a new look this season, underperformed the Bones series broadcast by M6 (3.3 million viewers, 15 7% of pda). France 3 is third in the standings. His American film In the Line of Fire, worn by Clint Eastwood, was followed by 2.4 million people (11.6% of pda).

At the foot of the podium, France 2 displays a score at half mast. His new issue of Special Envoy Travelogues interested only 2.3 million viewers (11% of pda). As for other channels, D8 has done an excellent score through Cyril Hanouna, TV presenter most acclaimed of the season. The special Hands off my post again this year attracted 1.5 million faithful (7.9% of pda).