Sofía Vergara, it is important, fresh and natural look at her wedding.

Therefore, the pretty brunette, who is engaged to actor Joe Manganiello, future brides reveal their beauty tips. She would never experiment with too much make-up on her big day. The 42-year-old expressed his respect to the People magazine: “I have a tip when it comes to make-up as a bride I think we think too much about our appearance, because it yes a really important moment. is in the life of a woman and of course everything should be perfect. But many brides overdo it quickly and simply want too much. They often see then transformed and on the photos they then recognize each other hardly.

I think it’s just important to look fresh and that the woman wearing makeup that emphasizes their personality. ”

The series Actress (‘Modern Family’) has been that it can not wait for their wedding with their spectacle friend (True Blood). After a wild six-month romance, the couple got engaged late last year. The model is not sure that the two met at the right time. Vergara, who has a son Manolo (22) with her ex-husband and high school friend Joe Gonzalez told: “It was the best time to meet someone who is so similar to me We like it both times just to home. remain, but also go to the movies. We, however, detest parties in any nightclubs. ” When asked about her wedding she began to rave: “We are busy planning our wedding, it’s so great when you hit someone, and from the beginning a special connection between you was because you feel not only you attracted to him.. you love these people just do. You understand the person and you. It’s hard to find someone like you. But I found him and I am very happy. ”

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