Kaley Cuoco seems to have doubts about their marriage.

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress had stressed in recent weeks repeatedly that her relationship with Ryan Sweeting super run after rumors had arisen msdress.co.uk short prom dresses. Apparently, however, questioned the pretty blonde themselves but to their marriage. A source told the American OK! – Magazine: “Kaley is really paranoid … Do not let him out of sight She asks Ryan always, with whom it is composed and never know what he’s doing, you’d go ballistic.. if he did not answer the phone. And that makes him turn crazy. It makes secretly worried, not knowing him well enough. ”

Meanwhile, reveled that 29-year-old actress recently reminisced and told that Sweeting was drafted just one day after the first date with her. “We actually had a blind date. I had never met him and he do not. He told me today that he had never seen the show, so he did not know who I was. He came to LA for a Blind Date -… and then he never went away Dinner was great and he pulled out a next day I know that sounds sloppy, but that it was not everything went quite fast on paper, but we knew it. easy. And I know that everyone thinks ‘that has a Macke!’ But I swear, I did not. I was just in love. “