The duo Ha-Ash said in his 13-year career have always kept from the scandals and have focused on his music therefore avoid falling into provocations artists in words only seek publicity.

And so, after the difference had last Sunday’s broadcast of the program “I stand” with guest judge show Belinda, the Hanna and Ashley sisters said they did not intend to give more publicity to a fact that is not important .

“We have 13 years in this race and for us the ego does, are with the feet on the ground, I think the ego of all should not matter, really, what you think of Belinda Ha * Ash is not relevant” Ashley said in an interview.

Although they have not wanted to make the difference with the Mexican singer gets bigger, the duo said that the media and to own Belinda have grown note and taken out of context.

“Hanna and I have never been in scandals, we know it’s a TV show and the controversy is part of it. The truth get along with everyone, so when an artist who wants to debate that’s when my sister and I do not pay us to get that, “Ashley said.

In his words, the fact should not have taken so relevant, because they said it was just something that anyone can spend it, even on occasion they have forgotten the lyrics of a song.

“It seems to make a fuss over you do not know a song to me it seems a bit ridiculous but everyone do what he wants with his career, but Ha * Ash is not scandal and we want to keep feeding something that is out of place and has nothing to do with us, “he explained Hanna.

For the group the issue with Belinda’s nothing personal, it only sought to defend his team and never wanted to offend the singer.

“We did not want to attack (Belinda), it is not our nature. We are not there to create controversy we are here to defend a family. Jealousy does not have anyone in this race we want everyone to do well and succeed, “Hanna said.

They added that they are not interested settle differences with Belinda, for non powered intend to follow this scandal, because they are focused on the promotion of his album “First row come true.”

“We do not want to fix anything to the judge, we realized that this was great or big she did not want that for us, maybe she just wanted to note and to speak of it,” Ashley added.